About Us

    Sazgan Andish Co. in brief:

    Sazgan Andish Co. engineering Co is established in 1996 with the main tasks of implementing industrial automation and digital weighing systems. Its staff experiences back to 1987.

    Sazgan Andish Co. had performed/ done many projects in the field of Chemical – petrochemical industries-food industries-animal feed industry and supplied products: such as

    1- All types of digital weighing systems

    2- Bagging machines in these ranges

    12 gram! Extra small bags

    5 to 20 Kg bags for rice and food additives two feeder types’ granules and fine sticky powders (for chemical and food: stainless steel type)

    10-60 Kg bags open mouth bags three feeder types (for granules/ pellets/ and for coarse and fine powders)

    10-40 kg bags (valve bag)

    500 to 2000 kg jumbo bags for cement and sulfur (exported to Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and minerals and plastic granules

    3- Drum and keg and IBC filling machines for petrochemical and automobile oil and edible oil industries

    Ranging from 5-50 lit. Containers

    25-220 lit containers (drums)

    4 drums on one pallet drum filling stations (15m long) reverse engineering of famous German FEIGE and ALWID machines.

    In-line drums filling stations

    4- Batch type and continuous Dosing and Proportioning systems for fluid and solids dosing systems for up to 32 ingredients for animal feed mills(solids and powder) and for 4-5 fluids for margarine and automobile oil industry and continuous dosing of minerals on the belts(fertilizer and mine industry)

    5- Dynamic weighing like Belt weighers and weigh feeders for mine and cement industries

    6- Dynamic weighing of vehicles (WIM weighing in motion) for trucks and rail way wagons.

    7- Industrial automation (implementing PLC and monitoring)

    8- Checkweighers (inline weighing) for boxes and drum and bags

    In brief, Sazgan Andish Co. is doing projects in the common fields of Mechanical and control engineering offering the customers, a total solution with team work.

    Sazgan andish Co. is a representative of Spanish company and can offer the 1000 bags per hour capacity imported bagging machines.

    All the products are being fabricated in stainless steel version suitable for food and chemical industries.